Itchy Breast Home Remedies

Although many doctors would say that prolonged itching in the breast should be admitted to the physician, you still need to assess the itchy breast to see if there is any cause of alarm. There are different home remedies that you can do to alleviate the itching of one or both of your breasts.

The most useful advice that you can use when the itchiness is starting to act up is to never scratch the itchy area. Scratching can only lead to rashes and it may also irritate the skin further.

If you have determined that the cause of the itchy skin on your breasts is an allergy, then you can always take an oral anti-allergy medication such as antihistamines to relieve the itching. Irritation can also be a cause of your itchiness so if you are at home, you can take off your bra and allow the skin on your breast to breathe.

If you have sprayed chemicals into the skin that is causing the itching and burning sensation, you can wash it off by taking a cool bath. If you are not home, a simple wet compress can also relive the itching. A mixture of baking soda and oatmeal is a home remedy that you can make to keep the skin from irritating further.

For many people, home remedies would usually help in the relief of the itchiness of their breasts. But if those tips and tricks used in home remedies do not alleviate the itching, it will be better to consult the doctor as soon as possible regarding this symptom that you have More...