Itchy Breast and Cancer

There had been a lot of questions from women about the association of itching in the breast and breast cancer. This is because there are studies that showed results indicating that itchy breast may be a symptom of breast cancer. This should not alarm women because not all itching in the breast is caused by cancer. In fact, there are actually very few cases wherein the manifesting symptom of their cancer is the itching of their breasts.

Not all types of cancer can manifest itching in the breast area. There is one specific type of cancer that is highly associated with this symptom and it is called the inflammatory breast cancer. This is the reason why only a small percentage of breast cancer patients experience this type of manifestation. In the inflammatory type of breast cancer, there will still be a growth of a tumor in your breast. But the skin right over the tumor is inflamed and is very itchy.

Aside from the inflammatory breast cancer, itching in the breast is also associated with Paget’s disease. This is a nipple disorder which can manifest itchy nipples and the skin around it. Paget’s disease is a rare kind of cancer that could affect the mammary glands.

After the baby has been delivered, the body of the woman will slowly revert back to its normal pre-pregnancy state. But there are certain parts of the body that will continue to change just like the breasts. During the duration of the pregnancy, the pregnant mother will notice that their breasts are becoming fuller because the mammary glands are preparing themselves for the production of milk. Since the baby is now born, the mammary glands will continue producing milk and More...